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About me:


I was born and raised in New Orleans and have always enjoyed Louisiana's cuisine. My career started in the food service industry at the age of 16 working at a donut shop as a baker's helper, at night, on weekends. I  attended community college achieveing an Associates degree in foodservice, while managing Beignet shops in the New Orleans area.

Management in this industry was my strength and was successful in what I did, but never reached my goal of being an owner and working for myself.

I went to work for the United States Postal Service as a mail carrier for the next 30 years. Through those years I continued making beignets for my family and friends any time they requested.

This being a natural fit for me after retirement, I decided I wanted to go back to what I love. I enjoy preparing food and seeing the smiles on the faces of those that eat what I have created.

I’m proud to provide the traditional New Orleans style Beignets and Chicory Coffee for you to enjoy.



Arlton Cangelosi


About us:


Mr. A's Beignets makes handmade Authentic Beignets and Chicory Coffee of New Orleans for the Triangle.

Our beignet mix and coffee are shipped directly from Louisiana and each batch is made on site and served fresh and hot.





Beignets were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians. These were fried fritters, made from deep-fried choux paste, sometimes filled with fruit. Today, the traditional beignet is a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar and are served in orders of three.


Beignets are commonly known in New Orleans as breakfast or a treat, served with powdered sugar on top. They are traditionally prepared right before consumption to be eaten fresh and hot.



Chicory Coffee


Coffee first came to North America by way of New Orleans back in the mid-1700's.  The French brought coffee with them as they began to settle new colonies along the Mississippi River.

The taste for coffee with chicory was developed by the French during the civil war. Chicory was added as a filler when coffee became scarce. Chicory is the roasted root of the endive plant. It softens the bitter edge of the dark roasted coffee and adds a robust flavor to the brew. It gives an almost chocolate flavor to the Cafe Au Lait, which is mixed, about half and half, with hot milk.

All of our disposable products are made of recycled or recyclable materials. Please join us and dispose of responsibly!


                              Mr. A’s Beignets L.L.C.

                                       Apex, NC




                    Established 2015


             Rolling out fresh beignets

                 as of December 2015

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